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Can't Pay Your Debts Because You Weren't Paid?

Jan. 11, 2019

I’m writing today with a heavy heart. Today is a sad day for our nation. Many of you were not paid today because our government can’t come to an agreement. I’m not going to write about my opinion on whether or not we should build a wall. That is too controversial of a subject.

What I am going to write about is something that I believe we all can agree on. It is not right and it is unfair that our elected officials, people who should be working for us, have left hundreds of thousands of American citizens without pay today because they can’t work together to come to an agreement. Now, these men and women are faced with a situation where they may not know how to feed themselves and their families. In the meantime, creditors may be knocking on the door demanding payment.

Maybe you splurged a little bit over the holidays and don’t have anything in savings to pay your debt and your living expenses. This is understandable, you have a good job and knew you were going to be paid. You had a right to expect this paycheck. But now it didn’t come.

I can help! Filing for bankruptcy will relieve you of most debts and all you will need to be concerned about is paying your living expenses to support you and your family. Contact me, or email me at, and I will get you in for a free, no-obligation, consultation where we can discuss your situation.