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Vehicle Loans

It is a common situation to be upside down (you owe more than your car is worth) on your vehicle loan. There are many reasons for this, high-interest loans, your vehicle has depreciated faster than you are paying it down, or you financed negative equity from a previous vehicle within your current vehicle loan.

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Over the past several years, foreclosures have been a hot issue in the state of New Mexico. While the statistics may show that the total number of foreclosure sales has dropped, the fact still remains that thousands of families across the state are facing losing their homes in a foreclosure action.

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Three People Speak About Their Bankruptcy Experience

Many people believe that they are alone in their debt struggles and no one else would understand. The stigma that filing for bankruptcy carries with it causes it to be a daunting thought.

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New Year, New Start

The holidays have come and gone and we have rung in the new year. However, many of you have started this new year overwhelmed in debt.

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